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Selenium & Vitamin E have no benefits in Prostate Cancer
Selenium is present in human cells and can normally be found in food materials, soil and water. It is essential for maintaining a healthy body. A... read more
Outcomes of studies on Cranberry effects
Cranberries have been extensively employed for numerous decades for the avoidance and healing of urinary tract infections in both young and older... read more
Distinguishing between Men and women Depression
In the span of whole life, there could be a time, when one could become quite depressed. It is believed that emotions are one of the common aspects... read more

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Home remedies for Ehrlichiosis
by Dr. Cathy Wong
Before describing the remedies for Ehrlichiosis, it is important for us to understand the term Ehrlichiosis. It is the bacterial infection transmitted by a tick bite. Majorly animals are getting infected with such disease as they go frequently in green or wooded areas. Ticks commonly live in plan...

ehrlichiosis, tick bite

Chipotle is a dried and smoked jalapeno peppers, which are little hot and ranges from around 2 to 5 inches long in size, which are quite common across the commercials chefs and home cooks across the globe. They do spice your food while they are providing large number of health benefits. They do h...

chipotle, jalapeno

Health benefits of Hoodia gordonii
by Dr. Matthew Schmitz
Hoodia gordonii is spiny and leafless succulent plant known for its medicinal properties. It grows in Namibia and South Africa. Its flowers are known for its rotten meat like smell. It resembles the traits of cactus even though it is a succulent plant. It is now well known in America for its effi...

hoodia, weight loss

High blood pressure is a common disease affecting 31% American adults. It may perhaps lead to deadly diseases like: ·         Heart attacks ·         Stroke ·    &n...


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